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The Within-Without-Walls non-profit organization , WWW for short , is a dialogue and working group devoted to the subjects of prisoners, victims, ex-detainees and society.

Both offenders and victims are ‘locked up' in their respective situations, each in their own way working through the offences that were committed, in an attitude of mutual respect .

The infinity symbol in the logo stands for that process. The midpoint of the symbol represents the opportunity for encounter and restoration. It invites us to look at others in a new way .

WWW is opposed to inhumane punishment, physical and pscychological torture and the death penalty. It considers justice an important pillar of a peaceable society. It seeks to contribute to the improvement in degrading situations in prisons around the world, and wants to help look for other alternatives to locking people up .




The non-profit organisation is the fruit borne of the commitment and drive of Jan De Cock. Jan has been involved with prison work since 1987, in particular in Chile and Belgium . He is author of two books: Hotel Prison (available in Dutch, German and French) and De Kelders van Congo ( The Cellars of Congo ) . Both books recount his personal experiences with detainees and life in and around prisons. From his unique experience, Jan has sought to provide material support to a wide variety of projects around the world.

The Within-Without-Walls non-profit organisation was established in autumn 2006. Over the years, a growing number of projects have been undertaken, requiring significant commitments of time, people and money in order to realise them. Increasing numbers of people are coming forward to help: friends, prisoners, ex-detainees, victims and their families.

Ways and Means

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